Hi, I’m Laura! If we were meeting face to face we’d probably do it over a cup of delicious coffee, but unfortunately our friends over in Silicon Valley have yet to invent a way to electronically teleport liquids (or anything, really), so for now, I hope you have your favorite drink in hand as we get to know each other!

I’m a Louisville-based wedding and family photographer. I have a strange mix of a Latina and mid-western (throw a little bit of southern in there too) personality that a lot of times leaves even me confused. I’m a Christian and I (almost) have a degree in Biblical Worship and Studies. I’m a classically trained singer and have gotten to explore a lot of little itty bitty towns that you’ve never heard of with a traveling partly-accapella band I was in for 3 years.

I’m married to my wonderful husband, Paul, who simultaneously spoils me and keeps me grounded. We are pretty much always planning where we are going to travel together (and the place after that, and the one after that…) and when we aren’t doing that we are trying a new delicious place to eat (Louisville, we love you!).

I spend all of my fun money at Anthropologie or at Target, but LuluLemon is starting to encroach on this list. Also, in case you were wondering, I will choose an oatmeal raisin cookie every. Single. Time. Move over, chocolate chip.

Tell me about yourself!